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We provide a full project management service, taking responsibility for delivering projects on behalf of our clients from inception to completion.

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For many projects, we provide a full project management service, taking responsibility for delivering projects on behalf of our clients from inception to completion.
We are Specialized in Making Projects in Different Fields

About Us

Turkey Evergreen Industry

Turkey evergreen industry is a branch of the parent company Evergreen International engineering Co., Ltd. which was incorporated in 2009 and listed in Suzhou China , which is a prominent member company Suzhou Group Co., Ltd., a Fortune Global 5 company international .

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Evergreen become one of the most influential brands in international machinery engineering market, by relying on exclusively owned complete different project small ,medium and bigger engineering chain and capability of offering services for stable operated full-cycle system integration, with superior quality and excellent performance successfully leading global market.

Evergreen Expands to Tunisia

Evergreen, a leading name in the international machinery engineering market, has proudly expanded its operations to Sfax, Tunisia.Evergreen now brings its comprehensive range of machinery projects—ranging from small to large scale—to this new location. Evergreen is set to enhance its influence and deliver exceptional engineering solutions in Tunisia.

What we offer

We are Specialized in Making Projects in Different Fields :

Discover tailored solutions across our specialized niches, each designed to turn your vision into a tangible success. At Turkey Evergreen Industry, we dive deep into the heart of innovation, packaging, industrial production, and cosmetic design to bring your project to life.

Evergreen Industry

Evergreen Industry is your powerhouse for large-scale manufacturing needs. Specializing in comprehensive lines for roasting, packaging, and labeling, we bring your food products market-ready with efficiency and flair.

Evergreen Packaging

Evergreen Packaging transforms ideas into exceptional packaging solutions. From cosmetic containers to thermoformed food packages, we ensure your product stands out on the shelves.

Evergreen Engineering

Evergreen Engineering specializes in bringing cutting-edge projects like electric vehicles and advanced technologies from concept to reality. Embrace the new with us.

Evergreen Cosmetic

Evergreen Cosmetic focuses on crafting bespoke packaging solutions that encapsulate the essence of your cosmetic brand, making every product as attractive as its contents.

Let’s create something remarkable together. Our team is ready to bring your project to the forefront of your industry. Reach out for a personalized discussion on how we can achieve your goals.

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Latest Project

Sunflower oil Production Process

Revolutionizing sunflower oil production with innovative technology and sustainable practices. Experience efficiency and quality redefined in every drop.

How It work

Our company makes it easy for you to work on your project

Project Planning

In the planning phase, we conduct comprehensive research and design a prototype, focusing on what's essential for the project. This careful approach ensures efficiency and effectiveness, laying the groundwork for success.

estimate cost for the project

We meticulously evaluate all aspects of your project to provide a detailed and accurate cost estimation, encompassing material, labor, and overhead expenses, to ensure financial clarity and budgetary alignment from the outset.

Project Work Execution

We oversee the detailed execution of your project from start to finish, coordinating with skilled professionals, managing timelines, and ensuring quality standards are met, to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.

Launch project

We prepare and execute a strategic launch plan for your project, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds market expectations, with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and impact, readying your project for immediate and long-term success.


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Turkey Evergreen Industry serves a wide range of industries including automotive (electric vehicles), packaging (cosmetics, food), industrial manufacturing (nut processing, labeling), and cosmetic design.

Turkey Evergreen Industry conducts comprehensive analysis to identify the best location for a project. This includes considering factors such as logistics, market access, and operational efficiency to ensure the foundation of the project is set for success.

Turkey Evergreen Industry provides detailed and accurate cost estimations for projects by evaluating all aspects, including material, labor, and overhead expenses. This ensures financial clarity and alignment with the project budget from the beginning.

Turkey Evergreen Industry prioritizes client satisfaction by offering tailored solutions, clear communication, and dedicated support throughout the project lifecycle. They aim to exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional results.

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Projects & News

Latest News For our Client.

Cosmetic Project

Introduction Packaging for Cosmetics Preserves Product Quality Apart from providing aesthetic and marketing value,packaging for cosmetics preserves the product and

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Evergreen Packaging

Our New Project : EverGreen Packaging Lately Our industry Turkey Evergreen engaged in packaging Projects , from cosmetic packaging to

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