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Nuts Roasting and Packaging Project

Project Overview

The proposed project presents an investment opportunity for setting up nuts
processing unit with the major product line including Roasting nuts and packaging
Edible nuts are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and are fibrous foods. They also are often associated with numerous health benefits.
Plus there is a significant increase in the roasted nuts in the market .In fact, The global nut products market size is estimated to be valued at USD 1.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 2.0 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 5.8%, in terms of value.


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Benefits of Nuts

Roasted and flavored nuts are heavily used in single varieties. Cashew, peanuts and
almonds are also used in mixes as are pecans, brazil nuts, filberts or hazelnuts and
macadamia nuts. Many nutritionists believe nuts are healthy. Nuts have no
cholesterol, they contain mono-unsaturated and/or polyunsaturated fats, are rich in
fibre, and contain vitamin E.

Eating nuts, therefore, may help prevent heart disease.
Other benefits of nut consumption include boost of immune system, reduce high
blood pressure, fight osteoporosis, and keep nerves and muscles healthy and also
beneficial to the nervous system and skin.

Project Process

Nuts Roasting and Packaging

Raw nuts are first cleaned before feeding into main process. Cleaned nuts are then
roasted, cooled and blanched. Then after, inspection of quality of roasting is done
and nuts are sorted which go into feed tank, the feed here can be controlled by
operator. They are after roasted with oil and coating has been done. After these,
process flow is cooling, glazing, salting, seasoning for flavors. Flavored and roasted
nuts are then packed in food grade packaging.

Steps of the project

4 main steps are needed in the process which are :

1-Roasting the nuts.
2-Packaging metal designed cans.
3-plastic containers.
4-plastic designed bags.

in the next section we will be dealing with peanuts nuts as an example

Machinery Process

1-Unskinning and Roasting the nuts

Using a cleaning machine and with the vibration technique , the nuts will be cleaned and unskinned and ready for the roasting .Roasting imparts the typical flavor many people associate with nuts like peanuts.

During roasting,amino acids and carbohydrates react to produce tetrahydrofuran derivatives. Roasting also dries the
nuts further and causes them to turn brown .
Following roasting, nuts are prepared for packaging and for further processing .

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After the roasting and cleaning process , the nuts will be packed using a packaging machine with a desired desgined pack . packaging can be either with plastic desgined bags , metalic cans or plastic containers .

2-1)Packaging metal designed cans

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2-2)Packaging plastic containers

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2-3)plastic designed bags

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The Final Packaged Product

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